How Northern Shopper Makes Sealift Easy

Your sealift order shouldn’t be a source of frustration. Find out how to streamline your experience so that it’s easier for you to get the things that you need.
How Northern Shopper Makes Sealift Easy

Are you trying to plan for sealift, only to come up against a myriad of frustrations? We know what you’re going through!

Every day our team of over 20 Northern Shoppers takes those challenges head on for clients like you. Planning ahead and using Northern Shopper’s new online sealift store and expert procurement and logistics staff will help reduce the stress of sealift. Because hey, it would be great if life was a bit easier.

How Does it Work?

Using Northern Shopper’s new sealift only website is easier than ever.

Shop and pay: browse through hundreds of common sealift items on, Northern Shopper’s new sealift-only website.

Add additional products and services: Order online from your favourite shops and set the delivery address to the Northern Shopper warehouse. The items will be added to your sealift order. You can also request pickup or procurement services to find the things you need for your sealift.

Complete payment for shipping: The cost of maritime shipping can only be calculated once your order is physically complete in the warehouse. You will receive an invoice for maritime shipping once the order has been measured and weighed.

Unpack and inspect: When your order arrives in your driveway or on the beach, crack the strap and start unpacking. If you see any damages, take photos and let us know right away.

Is Everything Cheaper With Sealift?

Not all items are cheaper by boat.

Thanks to a soon-to-expire agreement with Canadian North cargo, Northern Shopper items are not weighed by volume, but instead by actual weight. When compared to the volumetric weights used for sealift pricing, the cost to ship items like couches and dishwashers may actually be less expensive by air (to Iqaluit only). Contact us to prepare an estimate to help determine the cheapest route.

What’s New?

The new online sealift store replaces the old Costco order Excel guide, and now includes case-lots of hundreds of traditional grocery store items, too.

And last but certainly not least, the future of maritime shipping is now here. We’ve perfected the containerized cargo experience by introducing the NorShopBox shipping container (Iqaluit only). The new NorShopBox is a super strong, reusable container that ships within seacans. The NorShopBox replaces traditional wooden crates, because wooden crating prices have gone up 46% this year and they are a waste of lumber resources. The new NorShopBox sealift container reduces the average cost of sealift, the impact of sealift on the environment, and the risk of water damage and other mishandling in transit.

Your sealift order should be simple. Let us do the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to.

Visit our new website to get started on your 2022 sealift order.

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