How to Use Sealift Effectively

Sealift makes it easy to focus your energy on heavy, non-subsidized food and general merchandise so that you can ship the rest of your order by air, freeing up your savings for important bills or emergencies.
How to Use Sealift Effectively

When planning the purchase of dry-goods and general merchandise, you can use a blend of sealift and air cargo to get the lowest shipping cost. That’s right – you don’t need to tie up your money with a sealift room full of things that actually cost the same or less to ship via air cargo.

To learn more about this shipping hack, read on!

Is sealift cheaper than shipping by air?

When you place this year’s sealift order, consider focusing your energy on heavy, non-subsidized food and general merchandise. Then, ship subsidized dry goods and large-but-light items like mattress by air - only as needed - to get the most value for your shipping-dollars. This also helps with the predictable Best Before Date Dilemma (The dreaded “BBDD”) we face on sealift. Stocking up almost always means having to eat food that has passed the best-before date. Moving subsidized non-perishable items to your weekly air cargo order will solve the BBDD without costing you extra cash!

How does Nutrition North Canada make it easy to get the items I want?

Items like cereal, soy milk, flour, oil, dried fruit, some nuts, and some types of rice and pasta are subsidized well enough by Nutrition North Canada that you don’t need to stock up for a whole year just to get the savings that you deserve. Instead, you can order these items every week on our website and pay roughly the same price as you would with sealift.

When will I get my sealift order?

2022 Order Deadlines:

Lift #1: Order by May 15 for July delivery
Lift #2: Order by June 25 for September delivery
Lift #3: Order by August 22 for October delivery

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