Northern Shopper and Farm 2 Fork: The Perfect Pair

Northern Shopper and Farm 2 Fork: The Perfect Pair

There are some things that are amazing on their own, but when you pair them with something else, the experience is amplified.

Sunny days and the beach.

Movie nights and popcorn.

Northern Shopper and Farm 2 Fork.

With Northern Shopper’s ability to get you the items you want at the prices you love and Farm 2 Fork’s belief that better food means better living, you’d be hard pressed to find a better team than us.

How Did the Relationship Begin?

Before meeting Jonnel, the owner of Farm 2 Fork, in 2016, we had tried working with a number of other Ottawa-based butcheries. Each time, it felt like something was missing. We just didn't know what.

As soon as we met Jonnel, we knew that we wanted to work with him and his team. His expertise on all things meat and seafood was incomparable. Not only that, he was as committed to delivering high quality food as we are.

Our working relationship was going so well, we shared a walk-in freezer until both businesses outgrew each other and had to expand under different roofs. Despite the distance between our freezers, we continued to grow closer.

Why Should I Choose Farm 2 Fork Products?

The answer to that depends on your response to these questions:

  • Do you like knowing where your meat and seafood come from?
  • Do you want to order high quality products without being bound to a subscription?
  • Do you want to work with a company that is fully transparent about everything?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, you want to choose Farm 2 Fork. They committed to making mealtime an experience instead of just a necessity.

The demand for great - no, excellent - meat and seafood is high. People like you want to know where their food is coming from and they want it without added preservatives and chemicals.

This demand is causing people in Ottawa and Nunavut to stop buying products from retailers like Costco and choosing to support a local business instead. These people are choosing taste, convenient packaging, and integrity over picked-through packages at their local grocery stores.

If you’re still on the fence about experiencing the benefits of the relationship between Northern Shopper and Farm 2 Fork, take the leap with 10% off Farm 2 Fork products until June 3, 2021 using the code F2F10.

You can’t go wrong when two industry experts pair up to bring you delicious meals at the prices you want. There is no doubt in our minds that the next time someone asks you what your favourite duo is, you’ll answer with Northern Shopper and Farm 2 Fork.

Don’t miss out on mouth-watering meat and savoury seafood at an incredible price!

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