Original Milk Instant Hot Chocolate - Creamy Indulgence 336g


A family favourite, CaminoÕs original milk hot chocolate has an incredibly creamy taste and texture Ð enjoyed most by the young and young at heart! This instant hot chocolate can be prepared with water, or milk/milk substitute for an extra creamy taste. Notice the simple and clean list of ingredients. Fairtrade certified, certified organic, gluten-free and non-GMO. This hot chocolate should be in everyoneÕs pantry, all year long!

(Instant. Prepare with water, milk or a milk substitute).

* Fairtrade certified * Gluten-free * Certified organic * Vegan friendly

List of ingredients
Sugars*¡ (golden cane sugar*¡), Skim milk powder¡, Cocoa powder*¡, Guar gum¡, Sea salt, Carob bean gum¡, Vanilla powder¡. *Fairtrade certified. ¡Certified organic.

Allergen statement
May contain: Soy. Contains: Milk.

Where does it come from? Dominican Republic - CONACADO (cocoa)
Paraguay - Manduvira

Single Unit (Cases Available)