Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips 55% cacao - Oh-so-tempting itsy bits 225g


Made from rich cocoa and golden cane sugar, without any additives or emulsifiers. The result is rich chocolatey goodness

* Certified organic *
Fairtrade certified * Certified kosher * Gluten-free * Soy lecithin-free * Vegan friendly * Free from 14 allergens

List of organic ingredients
Cane sugar*, cacao mass*, cacao butter*. *Fairtrade certified.

Allergen statement
Ingredients manufactured and transformed in a gluten-free and allergen-free facility free from: milk ¥peanuts ¥tree nuts ¥ gluten ¥wheat ¥ eggs ¥ sesame ¥ soy ¥mustard ¥ sulphites ¥casein ¥lupin ¥fish ¥crustaceans and shellfish

Where does it come from?
Single Unit (Cases Available)