All Natural Chicken Pack (Breast and Wings)

All Natural Chicken Pack (Breast and Wings)

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Product Description

Try one of our delicious chicken variety packs from Pixtar

This tasty chicken is raised on local Ontario farms where the chickens are free to roam.Chickens are fed a strictly vegetarian grain fed diet. They are free from antibiotics and and raised without hormones. All chicken is processed by a air chilling method not water chilling (if your chicken does not say air chilled it has been dunked in chlorinated water before processing and may contain 8 to 10% water)

Cuts, Weights and servings may vary.

What's in the Pack

  • Boneless Breasts 8 @ 6oz/170.1g
  • Honey Dijon Boneless Breast 8 @ 6oz/170.1g
  • Lemon Chicken Boneless Breast 8 @ 6oz/170.1g
  • Bacon Wrapped Boneless Breasts 8 @ 6oz/170.1g
  • Breast Tenderloins 6 @ 8oz/283.5g
  • Wings 3 Packages of 12 @ 16oz/453.5g

$239* for 46 Servings

With the purchase of 2 or more frozen packs*

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No additional costs applied (for Iqaluit).  Shipping included to Iqaluit.  Nutrition North Subsidy applied to this product ($239 is the price after subsidy).  Multipack discount automatically applied if you order more than one pre-pack.  See cart for details.

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