Logistics and Procurement

We assist businesses and households to get non-food products into Nunavut.

It isn't always easy to get the equipment, materials and merchandise in your hands.  Our convenient, responsive Logistics and Procurement service takes the pains out of your the task.
No more slow online shopping speeds. No more shipping restrictions. No more payment issues. No more customer service delays.  
We know how frustrating procurement and logistics can be, and that is why we have assisted our customers with over $4 million in non-food procurement and shipping since 2012.
Examples of merchandise we assist regularly ship for our clients:
Furniture, large and small appliances, IKEA, beer and liquor, dangerous goods, clothing, sporting equipment, tools, hardware, building materials like flooring, countertops, paints, windows, doors, fixtures, tires, windshields, auto parts, recreational vehicles, accessories and parts, passenger vehicles, live animals, animal food, animal toys and accessories.
We regularly assist all types of entities including public agencies, private businesses, NGOs and community groups, homes and individuals.

Faster procurement time.  Faster shipping time.  Less loss and damage.  Better service, period.

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