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What is Nutrition North?

Nutrition North Canada (NNC) is a Government of Canada subsidy program launched on April 1, 2011 to bring healthy food to isolated northern communities. NNC works with stores across the North and food suppliers in southern Canada to help make perishable, nutritious food more affordable and more accessible.

NNC subsidizes:

  • a variety of perishable and nutritious food items (fruit, vegetables, milk, eggs, meat and cheese) shipped by air to an eligible community
  • "country" or traditional food commercially-processed in the North such as Arctic char, musk-ox and caribou (important sources of nutrients) shipped by air to an eligible community (Not sold through Southern Suppliers such as Northern Shopper)

There is one subsidy level for country food and three levels of subsidy for other types of nutritious food:

  • lower, for staples (level "2")
  • higher, for nutritious food (level "1")
  • targeted (highest), for frozen fruits and vegetables, milk, infant food and infant formula (level "7")

Eligible communities and their subsidy rates

Important Notice about Nutrition North and Northern Shopper:

It is not the intent of the NNC Program to Subsidize the operations of resource companies, construction companies and government establishments in or near eligible communities.  Therefore, northern retailers, southern suppliers including The Northern Shopper, and country food processors registered with NNC will not be allowed to offer or claim a subsidy for products sold to or ordered on behalf of the following kinds of businesses and establishments (and businesses that are similar in nature)


Oil and Gas

Exploration and Exploration Camps

Survey and Mapping


Environmental Cleanup


Weather Stations

Research Projects and Stations

Military Bases and Operations

Businesses that support the activities of the above entities


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