Your Dedicated Team

Kit MacKinnon, President and Commercial Sales, 613-889-3005

With 30 years of administrative and management service in government, technology, food service and retail, Kit's previous endeavors have helped create one of the fastest growing companies servicing Baffin Island.

Kit works tirelessly to make sure operations are running as smoothly as possible given the challenging logistical issues that present themselves every single day.


Patrick, Sealift, Outreach and Online Sales, 613-791-4481

With experience in food service, construction, and a background from the Sprott School of Business, Pat is hard at work refining business processes to improve the experience of the team and our clients.


Neil, Warehouse Manager

With 30 Years experience in fleet management, Neil is ready to ramp up the logistics of our growing company.  Neil is currently focused on executing our Sealift program on the ground!


Staci, Personal Order Coordinator

Staci is the heart of our invoicing procedures.  She is your go-to for important information on shipments.


Nancy Noble, Northern Shopper’s Sysco Marketing Associate

Nancy is one of Sysco's superstars.  A national sales leader with a strong commitment to our clients.  Our partnership with this world class company wouldn't be the same without this rock-star!


And last but definitely not least...

Our amazing shopping and packing team keeps getting bigger!  Together they turn your wish lists into reality.  The most critical part of the day to day function of the whole team, and your experience, falls on these folks, and we are very proud of what they achieve every single day!

Cindy, Shopper

Blair, Shopper

Holly, Shopper

Shannon, Shopper

Eva, Shopper

Ray, Sealift

Jerry, Sealift

Jesse, Commercial Accounts Admin




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