What's new in 2021

Instant Add to Cart

You no longer have to click "add to cart" at the bottom of the page when you make product selections!

Faster Browsing

We trimmed the code like stripping down a car to make it faster.  Site loading is now 100% faster meaning you will reach add items and reach checkout in half the time!

More Intuitive Navigation

You'll find more of what you're looking for with a smarter, more intuitive navigation app, better product tags, bigger pictures, and more logical categorization.  Now you'll find things right where you expect them!

Better Prices

We studied our pricing model and trimmed the margins on many big ticket items like meats, cheeses and pharmacy items!

New Products

We're introducing more Costco items every week, and expanding our aisles to include more international items.  Because food security isn't just about access to food, it's about access to the food you love and know.