Atlantic Beef Blue Dot Reserve Pack

Atlantic Beef Blue Dot Reserve Pack

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New Improved Pack!

Now Offering Altantic Beef Products Blue Dot Reserve AAA Beef

Product Description

Try our new secondary Blue Dot Reserve Triple AAA beef variety pack. This Blue Dot Reserve beef is grown on P.E.I. The cattle are  pastured raised on local farms, then grain finished on a premium vegetarian feed. These local farms make sure their animals are treated humanly and safely. The cattle are raised without the use of any hormones or steroids and are free from antibiotics. The beef is aged up 28 days to make sure you get a steak so delicious and tender that you could cut it with a fork every time.

Cuts, Weights and servings may vary.


What's in the Pack

  • Striploin Steaks - 4 @ 12oz/340.2g
  • Rib Eye Steaks - 4 @ 12oz/340.2g
  • Tenderloin Steaks - 8 @ 6oz/170.1g
  • Flat Iron Streaks - 8 @ 6oz/170.1g
  • Tri Tip Roasts (Sirloin) - 2 @ 2.5lbs/1.13kg

$329* for 38 Servings

With the purchase of 2 or more frozen packs*


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No additional costs applied (for Iqaluit).  Shipping included to Iqaluit.  Nutrition North Subsidy applied to this product ($329 is the price after subsidy).  Multipack discount automatically applied if you order more than one pre-pack.  See cart for details.

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There is a small additional charge to ship to communities other than Iqaluit***