Bio-Vert Orange/Cantaloupe Refill Liquid Hand Soap 2 L

Bio-Vert Orange/Cantaloupe Refill Liquid Hand Soap 2 L

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Hand soap
Biovert hand soap is more than just a hand soap. Biodegradable, it is ecological and contains no ingredients that could harm your health or the environment. The unique formula of our hand soap contains no paraben, triclosan or dye.


Gentle on hands
Based on aloe vera and vitamin E, Biovert’s eco-friendly hand soap nourishes your skin while protecting it. By regularly using our hand soap, you contribute to create a natural barrier on your skin that helps prevent dryness and irritation. In addition to maintaining the hydration of your hands, our products are also hypoallergenic and carcinogen free. A safe choice for your family!

Gentle on the environment
Certified for reduced environmental impact, our ecological hand soap, made of natural ingredients, is also safe for septic tanks.Try our hand soap in 2L format and put less plastic in your recycling bin: This refill bag allows you to fill your bottle 6 times, so you use 87% less plastic.

Water, Alkyl polyglucoside, Sodium alkene sulfonate, Coconut oil derivatives, Glycerin, Citric acid, Lactic acid, Aloe Vera gel, Almond oil, Vitamin E, Fragrance, Preservative.

Fill bottle to within one inch from the top.