Costco Leanfit Naturals Whey Protein Chocolate 2kg

Costco Leanfit Naturals Whey Protein Chocolate 2kg

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Fuel, build, and maintain muscle with the deliciously smooth, high-quality LEANFIT® ‘whey’! 100% Whey protein is used, which is the most complete protein source available. It blends well, digests quickly, and acts fast to deliver optimum protein nutrition to your body.


• 25 g protein per serving; of high quality, cross-flow micro filtered whey protein
• 5.5 g BCAAs; as part of a complete amino acid profile to build and maintain muscle
• Informed choice certified; quality you can trust, whatever your performance level
• Easy to digest; made with pineapple bromelain, a natural digestive enzyme, for maximum absorption
• Natural vanilla flavouring and no artificial colours or preservatives
• By switching from bottles to bags LEANFIT is reducing 120,000 kg of plastic from landfills. That’s equivalent to nearly 12 million plastic bottles of water!!

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