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About Farm 2 Fork


Nice to “meat” you

Our story is really quite simple. Founder Jonnel is a foodie. He has also been in the meat industry for over a decade – for him, knowing exactly where his meat and seafood came from and how it was raised was the norm. Having this knowledge made it easy to be picky about what he put in his body, and what he served his family.
The more he talked to people, the more he realized that other people shared the same values as he did. But for the average shopper at the supermarket, it wasn’t always clear where their meat and seafood were coming from, or what value system the producers, farmers, and fisheries they purchased from adhered to. He realized that there was a clear disconnect between stores and consumers.
That’s when the proverbial switch flipped. He started searching for small-scale producers; the family farmers who raise their animals the natural way, the fisheries who practice sustainable fishing. With his knowledge of the industry, he was able to connect directly with the producers that matched his values.
Why not connect other people with those producers?
So in 2014 he formed Farm 2 Fork to bridge the gap between farmers, producers and consumers. Our entire goal is to bring consumers delicious premium meat and sustainably sourced seafood from trusted small-scale producers who have a clearly defined value system.


Better food means better living

Farm 2 Fork is built on the idea that better food means better living.
We believe that when you eat great food that is free from fillers, raised in a way that is consistent with your values – both your body and your brain will thank you.
We believe that when you eat great food, eating becomes an experience to savour instead of just a necessity.
We believe that everyone deserves to eat better food, so they can live better!

We’re not chicken

We aren’t afraid to share everything with you: who our suppliers are, how they raise their animals, how your food is packaged and transported, and anything else you may want to know. We are committed to transparency.
We also think you should know the difference between air and water chilled chicken, grass and grain-fed beef, and wild and farmed salmon. We want to share this information, not so you’ll buy from us (although that would be great too), but so you’ll be informed. We believe in putting more knowledge in the hands of consumers.

Easy peasy

These days everyone is running around like a headless chicken. That’s why delivery is such an important part of the Farm 2 Fork experience. The less time you have to spend shopping for and transporting your meal, the more time you have to experience it.


Quality: we “steak” our reputation on it

Everything from the producers, farmers, and fisheries we work with, to storage, packaging and delivery, has to meet the Farm 2 Fork quality standards. Those standards are high – really high. If a product doesn’t have the WOW factor then it doesn’t make the cut, period.
These standards are why we feel entirely comfortable offering an “Only-if-You’re-Thrilled Guarantee”.  If you aren’t completely satisfied with your order, we’ll give you a full exchange.

Giving back

We recognize how important community is. That’s why we give a portion of proceeds back to local, national, and international organizations that work to improve the lives of people in the communities they work in.
“As we work to create light for others, we naturally light our own way.”
― Mary Anne Radmacher


Naturally raised, naturally

What is natural? Between filters and Photoshop, things are not always as they seem these days. Meat is no different; from chicken breasts plumped up with water to mechanically tenderized beef, there is an increasing disconnect between what lives on the farm and what goes onto your fork.
Naturally, we don’t believe in that kind of fakery and neither do our suppliers.
Natural starts with how each animal is raised.
Cage-free, carefree
The quintessential pastoral farm scene wouldn’t be complete without, well, a pasture. Our suppliers believe in raising their animals where the sun shines. Freedom is delicious!
Your meat shouldn’t eat meat
A quality, organic and GMO-free vegetarian diet of local barley, wheat, rye, and canola makes for a happy, healthy animal and a true wholesome flavor.
More flavour, less filler
Who are we to mess with perfection? Meat that comes from animals raised without hormones, steroids, or antibiotics is as nutritious as Mother Nature designed. None of our suppliers use deceptive tricks like injecting water or brine to get that juicy taste, and all chicken is air-chilled for less water retention (8-10% less water, to be precise).

The Naturally Raised Collection: local, Canadian free from and certified organic meats raised the way nature intended.


For the meat aficionado

It doesn’t get much better than a perfectly grilled piece of meat, right? Wrong. A perfectly grilled piece of rich aged beef, succulent Tomahawk pork chop, or exquisite Japanese A5 Wagyu steak is much, much better.
For the meat connoisseur, there is no comparison.
It has nothing to do with white tablecloths or long reservations wait-times. Meat that is a cut above makes every meal a five-star restaurant experience.
Better with age
With age comes wisdom: the wisdom to know that aged is best! Aging draws out the moisture in the meat, leaving only pure, concentrated flavor. The natural breakdown of fibers that occurs during the aging process results in unparalleled tenderness. Each velvety bite will make you sound like Sally in that restaurant scene (trust us – everyone will want what you’re having). And not just any slab of beef gets this top-notch treatment – only the absolute best cuts get the honour of aging.
A5 doesn’t need any A1
Japanese Wagyu is the apex of beef, served in the top steakhouses in the world. The A5 class is the rarest, most sought after Wagyu for good reason – the taste and texture are unparalleled. Japanese A5 Wagyu is the kind of meat that fills up your whole mouth with unbelievably robust, yet delicate, flavor. It needs no sauce or spice. It is tantalizing, luxurious, unforgettable – and incredibly hard to describe. It is something you have to experience to understand.

The Cut Above Collection: world-class meat that creates a premium restaurant experience at home. 


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