Our Company

What We Do

The Northern Shopper is a multi-services company with a single goal in mind:

We strive to improve the supply chain between Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut, and the rest of Canada.  We aim to bring Nunavummiut closer to the things they need and want, and to do it with care for our clients and their products.

 We operate an online store containing 1300+ items.  Just add items to your cart, checkout, and you will see your food in a few days.

We have the most innovative and helpful sealift company in Nunavut, tailoring our services to your exact needs.

We supply various restaurants and institutions throughout the North with wholesale food and merchandise.

We provide logistics and procurement services for all kinds of Northern projects and businesses, including secure Ottawa storage and freight management, including discounted freight pricing for your Northbound freight.

Who We Are

We are a dedicated team of professionals with an intimate knowledge of food, aviation, logistics and service.  We are your friends in the South, your partners in success. 

How We Got Here

Kit was approached by one of her friends at her husband's grocery store.  Her friend asked, "Can you send me some food?", and Kit replied, "Yes." - There, in that moment, an opportunity and a need danced to the eternal tune of supply and demand, and the Northern Shopper was conceived.

Initially a personal shopping service that began 'accidentally' in 2011, The Northern Shopper now serves the personal, hospitality, construction and mining sectors, while regularly innovating it's processes to bring food costs down for businesses, individuals and families living in Nunavut.

Where We Are Going

We will continue to work tirelessly for our clients to improve your life in Nunavut.  And we will strive to be a household name.  A name that stands for quality, trust, reliability, and a force for positivity.

Core Values

Nunavummiut are an essential part of the Canadian identity. Northern Shopper exists to advance the interests of Nunavummiut by reducing the cost and increasing the availability of consumer, commercial, and industrial goods.

We believe Food Security is the most fundamental priority of a society, and we will strive to improve Food Security for any person who wants to improve their life with access to Nutritious Food.  For that reason we believe the Nutrition North Program is a strong tool which aligns with our values.

We believe great food is at the centre of a healthy mental and physical lifestyle.  We believe quality is at the centre of great food.  We offer products that we know can stand by our quality guarantee.

We believe in a safe, positive work environment and giving our team great reasons to come to work in the morning: meaningful goals, strong client relationships, a workplace that feels like home, and limitless possibilities to explore the potential of the north.