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Northern Shopper has been providing the highest quality end-to-end Sealift services to Nunavut since 2013. In 2018, we began developing a Community Seacan option for Iqaluit residents. In 2022, we switched exclusively to Community Seacans, as we believe the method and cost savings are superior to crated shipments.
Why is the Community Seacan superior?
● Enjoy the security, durability and weather protection of a seacan. Anyone who has shipped using crates knows that they are vulnerable to damage in transit.
● Goods are unloaded from the seacan and delivered to your door. This eliminates the need to handle and dispose of crates.
● Only pay for the space or weight you use, eliminating the need to pay for the empty space within a crate containing awkward product shapes.
● Costs involved in seacan shipping tend to be lower and more stable than the cost of lumber and shipping “per revenue tonne” as with traditional crates.
● Seacans are reusable and result in no lumber waste, less plastic waste from weatherproofing, and less damage, making them the most environmentally sustainable option for Northern shipping.
● Community Seacans rely heavily on labor to unload and deliver in Iqaluit, making them a local job creator, unlike traditional crating which relies almost exclusively on southern labor.
What makes Northern Shopper’s other sealift services so great?
● We're located just a few minutes from the Ottawa airport, so there is no need to make an additional drive to Montreal if you are in Ottawa collecting goods. Simply bring them to our warehouse for consolidation with other parts of your order.
● We have an open door receiving service that allows you to use our address as your personal address, without the need for Port appointments.
● We have a team of staff ready to complete purchasing or pickups of items you cannot find or don’t have the time to find.