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Nutrition North Canada

Nutrition North Canada (NNC) is a Government of Canada program that helps make nutritious food and some essential items more affordable and more accessible. When you order directly from a registered supplier like Northern Shopper, the NNC subsidy is automatically deducted from the price of all eligible items. The savings will show up on the product description and/or your invoice.


There are 3 subsidy levels for items shipped by air: high, medium and low.

Items subsidized under each level are determined with input from Indigenous and community partners and include culturally appropriate and nutritious foods. More savings are provided to the most nutritious, perishable foods. In addition, savings are provided to less perishable foods and essential non-food items.

The best bang for your buck

Highly Subsidized Items

The bulk of it

Medium Subsidy

All the other necessities

Low Subsidy


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