Please read this contract carefully before registering. 



WHEREAS the Customer requires the services sealift purchasing and / or related services;

WHEREAS Northern Shopper is willing and capable of offering such services;

THE PARTIES hereby agree to the following:



  1. “Northern Shopper” and “Norshop” refers to MacKinnon’s Group Inc. 
  2. “Customer” shall include an individual or company named in this contract.  
  3. “NSSI” refers to Nunavut Sealink and Supply Inc. 
  4. “Maritime Shipper” refers or NSSI 
  5. Cubic Meter = 36”L x 36”W x 36”H 
  6. Dimensional Weight = (Xcm x Ycm x Zcm) / 3381 
  7. The chargeable weight is the greater of the actual or dimensional weight, as an aggregate of all customer cargo, per Lift (as in, Lift 1, Lift 2, or Lift 3). 
  8. Lift 1, Lift 2 and Lift 3 refer to the scheduled shipping deadlines per the NSSI guidelines, and are subject to change throughout the shipping season. Please visit for more information.



    1. Outstanding invoices shall be paid upon receipt of the invoice. A financing charge of 0.50% per week (29.609% per annum) shall accrue thereafter.  Goods may not be handed over to the client until payment has been received in full.  Commercial clients in good standing may enjoy the normal terms of their contract with Northern Shopper, with interest accruing thereafter.



    1. Prior to a custom order being filled, Northern Shopper shall receive a deposit from the Customer for the estimated value of goods being purchased on behalf of the Customer.  The estimate shall not be construed as a quote for the products or as a final payment for all goods, services, and freight.  The deposit will be applied to the final invoice total. If an overpayment occurred above the estimated value of the sealift, the Customer shall receive a refund for the overpayment.



    1. The contract will be completed once the order has been delivered to the home or business of the client (curbside delivery is included.  Delivery beyond the building threshold is not included).  The price of maritime shipping includes shipping from our door at 46 Antares Drive Unit 1 Nepean ON K2E7Z1 to your driveway in Iqaluit, Nunavut.  Any pickups or receiving in Southern Canada will incur additional charges per the rate schedule at the end of this contract.  Any handler offering delivery of goods inside your home or business does so by their own volition, and assumes all liability for damage to your merchandise and/or property.


    1. Due to ongoing global supply issues, Northern Shopper shall guarantee a 75% minimum fill rate on orders made by the specified deadlines. Should the deadlines of either Maritime Shipper shorten, the deadline for orders shall automatically change by the same amount of time. 
    2. Should a Maritime Shipper decline the cargo at the Port for any reason beyond the reasonable control of Northern Shopper, then Northern Shopper shall not be liable for the failed delivery.
    3. Northern Shopper shall not be compelled to fill any portion of a sealift order by air cargo.  Should a settlement be reached, it will be in the form of a refund for damaged goods, or an agreement to provide those items on the next available sealift (which could be the following year).


    1. All “Orders”, “Contracts”, “Requests”, “Add-ons” or other communications representing an approved purchase order shall be made within 6 weeks of the Maritime Shipper deadline for packaging (“CSC Deadline”) if an order, contract, request, add-on, or other change is made after the 6 week deadline, there can be no fulfillment guarantee; those things will be done “as able”.



    1. The Customer should purchase additional insurance from the Maritime Shipper at the time of reservation if their order exceeds $2600.00CAD.  Failure to do so may result in inadequate insurance for damages incurred in transit. Enhanced Insurance is around $0.72 per $100.00 of declared value.
    2. Northern Shopper cannot guarantee against damage caused by liquids originating from inside the shipping container once delivered to the Maritime Shipper, due to the nature of maritime shipping (ex. rough journey, rough handling, cold weather, or client does not pick up or unpack right away, etc).
    3. Damage claims with Northern Shopper must be made within 24 hours of the customer receiving notice from the Maritime Shipper that the cargo is ready for pickup, or within 24 hours of the curbside delivery, and must include photos of each item being claimed for damage, as well as a photo of the best before dates, if applicable.
    4. Northern Shopper cannot guarantee fullest enjoyment of the Best Before Date (“BBD”) due to the nature of the supply chain.  Most consumer food products have BBD’s of 6 to 12 months from the time of manufacturing, and most goods that are available for purchase on behalf of the client do not come directly from the manufacturer at the time of production.  Therefore, Northern Shopper can guarantee up to 3 months of enjoyment of BBD’s, in excess of 3 months from the date of manufacture, per year of BBD.


Product has a BBD from
Manufacturer of: 

Northern Shopper Guarantee
of Enjoyment of BBD

3 months 

0 months 

4 months 

1 month 

6 months 

3 months 

12 months 

3 months 


Note, Best Before Dates are not Expiration Dates.  BBD’s are dates that food manufacturers guarantee the intended taste and texture.  After the BBD has passed, the products may begin to lose their taste, or the taste and texture may change, but the product is not necessarily expired.  Typically for dry food on sealift, a product has expired when the taste or texture is no longer enjoyable.  Most products continue to be enjoyable well past their BBD.  However, baby formula and medicines do have a stated Expiration Date and should not be used past that date.
If you require good Best Before Dates throughout the year, please consider regular air cargo orders.




    1. For deadlines to each community, please visit . Due to ongoing logistical issues, Northern Shopper is only able to ship to Iqaluit.  You may book a contract with TSC Ottawa and request that Northern Shopper deliver goods to them, if you reside outside Iqaluit.  Additionally, we are able to fill large commercial orders to ALL Nunavut communities, by way of 20ft shipping containers (seacans).


  1. Northern Shopper can acquire any legal product including alcohol. Alcohol permits can be granted from the Alcohol Authority:
    • Iqaluit: Parnaivik Building P: 867-975-6863 F: 867-975-6849
    • Cambridge Bay: 924 Cambridge Bay Enterprises P: 867-983-2777 F: 867-983-2127
    • Rankin Inlet: Siniktarvik Building P: 867-645-8486 F: 867-645-8487
  2. As a registered shipper with Transport Canada, Northern Shopper has a right to, and does inspect all incoming packages to maintain the integrity of the supply chain.
  3. All dangerous goods must be removed from general sealift order and packaged separately by dangerous goods specialists. The cost of carriage of dangerous goods is better by air than by sea for some items or quantities thereof. If you need to ship a dangerous good, Northern Shopper can assist in this process.  If the customer ships Dangerous Goods or illegal cargo (ex. drugs or alcohol without permit) without prior declaration to Northern Shopper, Northern Shopper may apply a Failure to Declare a Dangerous Good charge of $90 and/or may choose to terminate this contract if the item poses a grave danger to human or marine safety. In the case of contract termination, all services rendered up to the time of contract termination will be collected from the deposit, and the balance of the deposit shall be returned to the customer.
    • Common dangerous goods include: fire extinguishers, propane tanks, ammunition, some paints and solvents, compressed gasses such as soda-stream, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, some auto and marine batteries.
    • Please do your research to understand what may constitute a dangerous good by Sea by locating the SDS (Sometimes known as the MSDS) and finding the Transportation regulations (Section 14).
  4. Once Northern Shopper delivers cargo to NSSI, it becomes the responsibility of that company to protect and care for it. 
  5. Very important: Northern Shopper is not responsible for damage or theft of vehicles stored at 46 Antares Drive while awaiting transportation to Port. Any damage or theft of vehicles will be remedied with your personal insurance policy.



    1. Items being shipped by the Customer must reach the Northern Shopper facility with enough time to add to the Customer’s order. Keep in mind the cut-off dates outlined in the contract. If the timing will be tight, please contact Northern Shopper so we know to expect a late delivery or so we can suggest an alternative to online purchasing.
    2. If the Customer’s online purchases arrive at Northern Shopper’s facility too late, the goods will be held at a rate of $120/pallet until the next sealift season. Alternatively, Northern Shopper has excellent shipping rates by air and will likely suggest going this route instead of paying a storage fee. 


Schedule A

Northern Shopper Sealift Fee Schedule 







Northern Shopper Products​ 

Items available from Northern Shopper through or by quotation​ 

No additional surcharge on product cost.​ 

Procurement Services​ 

Procurement of general merchandise on behalf of clients; ex. Furniture, appliances, other equipment​ 

14% surcharge on product cost​ 

Northern Shopper Pickup A​ 

Pickup of customer purchases using car or minivan. ​ 

Zone 1 - $30.00 (1 – 8km)

Zone 2 - $60.00 (9 – 17km)

Zone 3 - $90.00 (18-25km)

Zone 4 - $2.00/min (Over 25km)

Northern Shopper Pickup B​ 

Pickup of customer purchases using cube truck.  

Zone 1 - $60.00 (1 – 8km)

Zone 2 - $90.00 (9 – 17km)

Zone 3 - $120.00 (18-25km)

Zone 4 - $3.00/min (Over 25km)

Northern Shopper Receiving​ 

Receive Customer purchases​ 

$0.19 per kg​ 

Northern Shopper Repack​ 

Repack customer purchases to protect during transit (item not purchased from Norshop)​ 

Loose items, $6.00 per box​
Large items, $20.00 per m3

Northern Shopper Storage​ 

If customer purchases received prior to the month that the goods are due at the Maritime Shipper​ 

$19/week, per pallet (4’x4’)​ 

Dangerous Goods Packaging​ 

Third party Dangerous Goods processing by PREP Services International. SOME DG are cheaper to ship by air.​ 

Minimum $80 plus $10 per repack. By quote.​ 

Failure to Declare Dangerous Goods​ 

Please consult the section on common dangerous goods.​ 

$90.00 penalty​ 

Community Seacan LOOSE cargo (Iqaluit)​ 

All-inclusive transportation to your driveway –loose cargo only. ​ 

$1.76/kilogram (greater of actual vs. dimensional weight) | Dimensional  Weight = 8.9kg per cubic foot​ 

Transportation to NSSI (Loose cargo sent for crating or stuffing in containers)​ 

Transportation from Northern Shopper warehouse to Maritime Shipper – NSSI only. 

$99.00 per pallet (4’x4’x88” max.)​ 

Oversized Cargo Transportation to Port​ 

Such as building materials and machinery​ 

Please enquire​ 


Please contact TSC Ottawa for crating.  Northern Shopper is only providing dedicated and shared seacan services in 2024.​ 

Contact TSC​ 

Vehicle Transportation​ 

Ottawa to NSSI, Ste Catherine, QC (6 hr round trip)​ 

$800.00 per vehicle​ 

Order Cancellation​ 

In the event of a contract cancellation after work any portion of work has been completed​ 

Standard Fee on all services rendered to date​ 


Due on receipt of invoice​ 

0.5% per week (29.609% per annum)​