Image of Baja Grill Breakfast Wrap
Costco Baja Grill Breakfast Wrap
1 x 1.69kg
Product Details: Egg, cheese, tomato, onion and ham Individually wrapped 14 wraps 1.69kg Keep Frozen
Image of Cuisine Adventures Egg Bites 12x57g
Costco Cuisine Adventures Egg Bites 12x57g
12 x 57g
Egg + Cheese Bites, oven-baked eggs with cheddar + mozzarella cheese and roasted red peppers. -12 pieces- 6 packs of 2 pieces, -11g of carbs, ...
Image of Eat-in Breakfast Sandwich 12x116g
Costco Eat-in Breakfast Sandwich 12x116g
12 x 1.39kg
Bacon, egg patty & processed cheese on an english muffin. For busy mornings, just heat and serve. • 12 individual sandwiches • Frozen
Image of Quiche Lorraine 1kg
Costco Quiche Lorraine 1kg
1 x 1000g
Quiche Lorraine is a French tart with a filling made of cream, eggs, and bacon or ham, in an open pastry case. It was little ...